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Best Places in Parvati Valley: Explore Cheap Hostels in Kasol and around

Best Places in Parvati Valley: Explore Cheap Hostels in Kasol and around

How many times have you googled ‘Parvati Valley India’ but ended up closing all tabs because it got too confusing? Well, don’t worry, we’re not asking you to step forward.

How many times have you googled ‘Parvati Valley India’ but ended up closing all tabs because it got too confusing? Well, don’t worry, we’re not asking you to step forward. Instead, we serve you a platter where you can pick and choose the best portions, without any questions asked. Whether you want specific details about the treks in Parvati Valley or generally wish to know about the unexplored places to visit in Himachal Pradesh, this article will guide you through. Besides, it will also help you explore budget-friendly stays for your trip. Now, if

1. Kasol

Trek through Ravishing Ranges, Relax at Homey Hostels in Kasol Popularly known as the ‘Amsterdam of India’, Kasol is one of the major attractions in Parvati Valley. It offers a vibrant hippie culture, magnificent mountains, echoing forest cover, and palatable Israeli delicacies. Chandrakhani Pass and Sar Pass being two of them, the Himalayan village hosts the most exquisite treks in Parvati Valley.In case you’re looking for something away from commercialization and adventure, visit Manikaran Sahib, a Gurudwara built between the rivers Beas and Parvati. Known for its hot water springs, Manikaran will leave you with rejuvenating experiences. Plus, if you’re tired of the treks and wish to visit a peaceful place to chill, the Nature Park at Kasol should be on your list. Additionally, the nearby villages like Grahan, Chalal, and Malana, offer quieter yet impressive alternatives to the mainstream hotspots.

Kasol: A must-visit in Parvati Valley

The place offers diverse accommodation options, from camping tents to guesthouses. The backpackers' hostels in Kasol provide an option that is cost-effective and allows you to explore the local culture. Whoopers Hostel Kasol, The Hosteller, Nomads hostel Kasol, etc, are a few stays you can choose for a cherishable experience. They are some of the best places to stay in Parvati Valley.

2. Tosh

Hike along Adventurous Peaks, Work at Comfy Hostels in Tosh Not far from the famous town of Kasol, lies Tosh, a village situated at an elevation of 7,900 meters on a hill in Parvati Valley. When in Tosh, birdwatching and strolling in the apple fields help you reconnect with your inner being. In addition, hiking through the snow-capped peaks makes you discover a new ‘self’. You can attend the local festivals here, go trekking and camping, or sit back and enjoy the scenic views of the valley. In case you’re a regular trekker, you’d love to challenge yourself by choosing the Pin Parvati Pass or the Sara Umga trek.

Besides, if you’ve already visited the famous spots, Tosh offers a lot of offbeat destinations as well. Go for the Pulga village trek or visit the Kutla village, one of the must-visit unexplored places in Parvati Valley. Both the places offer picturesque views and ever-lasting memories!Moreover, for stays, you can check out the list of hostels in Tosh. Among the popular and pocket-friendly ones are Whoopers Hostel Tosh, Bunker House, and others. An additional advantage of staying at hostels is that they also act as workstations. Thus, you can create or edit vlogs, write content, or just finish up some remaining work, while enjoying the irresistible views!

3. Kheer Ganga

Trudge through one of the best places in Parvati valleyAn alpine village, lying at the extreme end of the Parvati Valley, Kheerganga is known for its natural hot water springs and panoramic sceneries. The nine-kilometre trek to the Kheerganga peak is one of the most famous treks in Himachal Pradesh. It serves you with an all-in-one experience as it takes you through waterfalls, rivers, villages, as well as forest covers.

Kheerganga: Famous Trek in Parvati Valley

There are different routes for the trek. While the most common one is through the Nakthan village, there is also a road not taken, i.e. through Kalga. Further, in case Tosh is a stop in your journey, you can take a direct route to Kheerganga from there. For accommodations, you can set up camps at the peak to stay overnight. Otherwise, you always have an option of staying at hostels in Parvati Valley, down the trek.

Plan Your Journey

Now, you know the best places to visit in Parvati valley, cheap hostels in Kasol, and cosy homestays in Tosh. You also know the must-visit unexplored places when travelling to Parvati Valley, India. While travelling without a route in mind feels free, a little planning helps you save time and explore more. Choose the treks you want to cover and book the hostels in Parvati valley that suit your budget. You can either cover the above-listed places in the same trip or go one by one, diving into the depths of each. That’s it, then. All you need to do is prepare yourself to experience the breathtaking landscapes, stroll in the lush green pastures, and feel the magic of the local villages! Don’t forget to share your episodes with us in the comments. Also, in case there’s anything you want us to add to the list, do let us know!


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